A corgi smiling happily
A corgi smiling happily
We are committed to providing the best financial services to Pakistani society

About Barwaqt

Barwaqt is an online loan application. You can get safe and flexible loans through Barwaqt. You can choose a variety of methods to receive the loan amount. You can also pay your loan through multiple channels and there are no hidden charges. Your information is secure with us and used for verification only. We will determine the loan amount through the risk assessment of your information and credit evaluation.

Vision & Mission

To open the inclusion of short-term digital credit to the unbanked & general population in Pakistan.

To allow customers currently not being served by traditional banks to become active in the micro credit ecosystem and enable them to build a credit identity; in an easy, trustworthy & fast manner.

Information Disclosure

  • Principal Business: Nano Lendings
  • Status of company: NBFC (Investment Finance Service)
  • National Tax Number: A298260-0
  • Company Registration Number: 0177236
  • Date of License issued: June 11, 2021
  • Membership of Industry Associations: NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan, PFN (Pakistan Fintech Network)
  • Auditor of the Company: BDO Ebrahim & Co. Chartered Accountants

Official Outbound Call Number

  • 2138284000
  • 2138284001-2138284010
  • 2138352000
  • 2138352001-2138352010
  • 36493011
  • 36492200-36492249
  • 36495000-36495999
  • 36493012
  • 36494000-36494999